CoolCollect Click & Collect Lockers

CoolCollect is a modern solution for the delivery of groceries

The popularity of e-commerce is growing at an accelerating pace. Various Click&Collect Lockers are an integral part of the e-commerce supply chain nowadays. We offer a modern solution for the delivery of groceries and consumer goods, that respond to changing consumer habits. Lockers are designed to meet the customers needs, as the customer can choose the automation of the operation themself.

By installing a CoolCollect Locker customer can be reached more efficiently in terms of time and location. Our CoolCollect collection includes solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Indoor Click&Collect Locker can be created by either cabinet modules or wall element modules.
By combining the cold, freezing and neutral temperature modules, we can build an unique Click&Collect Locker optimized for each of our customers needs and installation space. 
Alternatively by combining locker wall element modules we can create unique Click&Collect wall, which then can be a fixed part of customer´s cooling, freezing or neutral room. Locker wall elements are available in various sizes and locker quantities. In wall solution personnel is filling the groceries behind which then offers more flexibility in temporary storing.


The appearance of all CoolCollect Lockers can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. 


CoolCollect solutions are suitable for many purposes

CoolCollect solutions can be used for several different purposes:

  • Grocery and consumer good stores are offering Click&Collect solution as an option for purchases made online.
  • Real estate companies are offering their tenants an additional service allowing them the opportunity to store their grocery and consumer goods purchases during their shopping time (e.g., large shopping malls and business premises).
  • Suppliers, manufacturers and producers can offer an extended cold distribution chain for their products that require cold or freezing storage.
  • Housing companies and societies are installing own Click&Collect systems into their own premises for securing services for their residents.
  • Intelligent storage and delivery systems 24/7 are constantly growing and customized parcel solutions are getting more common.

CoolCollect solutions offer many benefits

CoolCollect solution brings many different benefits to businesses and communities. It is possible to:

  • add sales channels
  • increase sales 
  • intensify distribution and optimize number of staff occupied in transport
  • the owner of the locker can specify the conditions of use and opening hours
  • increase customer satisfaction through a good and easy customer experience
  • offer a lot of advertising space
  • strengthen the company’s brand image
  • create added value for real estate owners and premium level apartment houses 

CoolCollect solutions make life easier for end customer

The use of CoolCollect solution is perceived as a convenient, easy and efficient way to make purchases of groceries and consumer goods. The consumer can pick up online purchases flexibly and quickly at the most convenient time. The total time spent on shopping decreases, allowing more time for leisure time and activities – meaning improved quality of life.

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