Coolcenter Forssa Oy

Your Finnish partner in refrigeration solutions

Coolcenter Forssa Oy is a Finnish refrigeration equipment manufacturer with long experience in the industry. We design, manufacture and sell refrigeration equipment under our own WineQueen and Coolcenter -brands. In addition, our factory produces contract manufacturing products for several of our partners. We offer contract manufacturing for refrigeration technology products based on customer needs.


Coolcenter products


CoolCollect Indoor

CoolCollect Indoor Solutions are Click&Collect Lockers for indoor use. They are built of either modules or wall elements.


CoolCollect Outdoor

Our CoolCollect Click&Collect Solutions are also available as an outdoor collection, suitable for outdoor use. There are different options depending on the application.


CoolCellar Refrigerated Lockers

Our CoolCellar collection includes a completely new type of cold storage solution for apartment buildings, commercial buildings and student accommodation.


CoolLocker Refrigerated Lockers

A compact CoolLocker with a single refrigeration unit is the solution for spaces where individual cold storage is required. 


WineQueen -wine cabinets and display cases

A high quality and durable Wine Queen- wine cabinet for your home or restaurant is a carefully considered purchase. 


CoolCenter -special products

We design and manufacture custom-made cold and heat storage cabinets, e.g. hospital environment, refrigeration units, snus cabinets and water sample cabinets. 

Other products and services



We offer product development and design service for refrigeration equipment as well as installation depending on the needs of our customer.


Contract manufacturing

Coolcenter Forssa Oy operates as a contract manufacturer for various refrigeration technology products.



We carefully select the refrigeration manufacturers we represent and import product lines based on our customer needs.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our products or our services, call us between 8am and 4pm (UTC+2/UTC+3) and you will get an answer to your question as quickly as possible. 

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